Questioning the media

Q. Does the press go too far in revealing private details about celebrities? Why or why not? Given that celebrities benefit from press coverage, should they be given more power to control negative coverage?

A. The press is only going to cover what the people are buying, so if people want to see private details about celebrities then so be it. The people who should be questioned are those willing to buy such information. I do indeed believe celebrities are entitled to the same rights to privacy as a “regular person.” No more, No less. Just because someone is famous does not mean they should have more rights then the next man.


Questioning the media

Q. Do advertisers ever produce messages specifically designed to be offensive? Is it proper for the news media to give attention to those offensive ads? Why or why not? Or should the news media just ignore offensive ads to avoid giving them free publicity/

A. I do believe advertisers produce messages intended to be offensive because any publicity is good. Whether it is proper or not for the news media to give it attention is a personal question. What’s proper to you might not be to me. I think if media did not give these controversial messages attention people would complain that the news media wasn’t spotlighting these companies so the people could be aware.

Questioning The Media

Q. If you knew you were going to risk imprisonment or torture, would you still be willing to speak out and criticize your government? Why or why not?

A. Honestly speaking I do not believe I would be willing to go to prison or be tortured to speak out against my government. The only way I could risk so much is if I felt my back was against the wall and I had no choice. It takes a great deal of bravery to do such a thing especially knowing the consequences. I am grateful for those who spoke up against my government because without them I wouldn’t be able to vote, go to school, or have access to the basic necessities of life.

Questioning The Media

I usually use YouTube or Tidal streaming services. I do occasionally listen to terrestrial radio such as Hot 107.5 FM Radio station. I do not listen to satellite radio regularly but have in the past. I do not listen to podcasts. My streaming service of choice is Jay Z’s Tidal. I love Tidal because I’m all for paying the artist and Tidal also have exclusive singles, videos, and albums that drop weeks before the competition gets them.

Questioning The Media

I usually go to the movies when I want to watch a certain movie with a friend. While the movies is pretty expensive, I believe it is definitely worth the cost. It gives you the chance to get out the house when you have nothing to do. It also gives you a place to go and bond with friends. I love 3-d movies and there is no other place to get a realer experience, it beats watching a 3d movie at the house.

Questioning The Media

I can definitely name the advertisers I feel that are targeting me. Nike, Levi, Apple, and Dodge commonly pop up on my browsing sites. It is obvious that they are trying to target me because these are the site I spend most of my time on. I don’t really think it’s a big deal, if anything its helpful because when I am ready to purchase something, thanks to the many ads I have an idea of where to go. I also understand the problems people could have with it because it invades on your privacy but I think a solution would be to give users the option to turn trackers off, if that isn’t already a thing.

24 Hours Without Media !

The day before my No Media Diet, I prepped myself for what felt like was a life altering decision. I removed all my apps from my phone and turned it off before bed. I told my family whom I live with about the assignment I was doing and they laughingly vowed to keep from distracting me. I grabbed batteries for a clock that sat on the wall but hadn’t worked in years so that I wouldn’t rely on my phone for time.

I woke up in the morning at 4:30 am because my phone alarm went off, even though I had powered it down. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7am. It really sucked because I couldn’t partake in my daily morning rituals. I sat in bed wondering what I could do to past time. I compare the urges I had to grab my phone, check my social media, turn on the television, and listen to music to that of a drug addiction. The only idea I could come up with to past time was the basketball court and the gym and I knew once everyone in the house started to partake in their morning rituals I would need an escape. I laid in bed as long as I could thinking about school, my future, goals I had set for myself, and many other things.

My morning walking around the house had basically been made up of trying my best to avoid my “addictions”. Around 10:30 am my mother started moving around. I reminded her of the No Media Diet I was on and she laughed as I explained to her how much of a struggle it was.

I found a lot of relief from my addiction by sitting on the front porch and watching people play, walk, argue on the phone, ride by blasting their music, or check the mail. It was more rewarding then I could have ever imagined it to be. I observed so many small things that I had never noticed before. I really wanted to grab a book but I convinced myself that I had come too far to mess up now.

(Random Thought) “I couldn’t imagine doing The No Media Diet on a school or work day”.

It is amazing how much you can learn about the same people I see every day as they are going and coming home. Something I noticed while sitting outside was almost everyone looked unhappy or rushed. They just moved like ants to and from their destinations. The teenage kids seemed so obsessed with their phones, head phones, and the way they were dressed. The teens were oblivious to the outside world as they walked by with their mind planted into their phones. The young children seemed the happiest as they ran around making up games and living life on their terms.

(Random Thought) “I wonder how their life will be changed once they get their first phone and start going to school”.

I went in the house and got dressed for the gym. When I jumped in the car I instinctively turned the radio on and then immediately turned it off. It was so foreign driving around without music. All I could do is let the windows down and enjoy the breeze.

I played basketball at the local rec center for about 2 hours. I admit I had unintentionally cheated because I glanced up at the digital clock on the wall. I didn’t realize it until I got in the car and thought about it on my way to campus. On campus I checked out a bike and rode around, I went to the gym and did some cardio and lifted some weights with the dumbbells. I realize by going to the gym I kind of cheated since they were playing the radio over the intercom but I did my best to tune it out. I felt like not being home was my best chance at completing the assignment and I had run out of options of places to go.

When I returned home it was 5:37. I was so hungry and tired. I fixed dinner which was lasagna my mother made while I was out. I had the worst urge ever to turn on the television while I ate my meal in the front room. However, I will note that not having media while eating made me focus on my plate and I ate way less then I would normally have.

I jumped in the shower after eating and glanced at the clock before I laid down. It was 6:12 when I went to bed. I usually have problems going to sleep but I was OUT fairly quickly.

Overall, this No Media Diet has been rewarding. It exposed me to some socially accepted addictions. I always complain about not having enough time but I realized I have more than enough time to get my work done. I had accomplished more today than I had done in the previous two days combined.

Questioning The Media

I usually get my news from the internet. I will see a shared post on my social media feed and go research it myself. when I say “research” I mean by clicking the first few results on Google. I very rarely if any read newspapers, watch television, or listen to radio. I believe the advantage of getting your news from online is the quickness I receive it. The down side would probably be the liableness of the information and time it takes to verify.

Questioning The Media

I do not agree with parents being able to get books removed from libraries or a reading list because they might find the ideas expressed objectionable.

Parents should spend more time raising their kids, instead of trying to raise their environment. It is my belief that if a parent raises their child with patience, faith, and understanding that the child will not wonder off to far from their upbringings. At least until they are older to make decisions for themselves.

While I don’t agree with parents having such power over someone’s work. I do believe their should be a fine line on what type of books that can be offered between elementary, middle, and high school. Books at an elementary school should be censored more than a book in a high school library.

These are my views. Please share your views below !