About Me

My name is Jarod Lopez. I am a first-year student at Arkansas State University. I was born in Tacoma, Washington but raised in several different locations including Los Angeles, California, Montgomery, Alabama, Gulf Port, Mississippi, Atlanta, Georgia, and Jonesboro, Arkansas.

I decided to take “Mass Communication in Modern Society” because I felt in a world heavily influenced by the media it would be beneficial. I would love to learn the different tactics the media outlets use against the people. I feel this knowledge would help me become a vigilant leader and help me to lead people with accuracy. What I would expect out of my instructor is a great level of passion, knowledge and respect for the course.

My motivation and sole purpose in this life time is to show the world that you can accomplish anything if you increase your self confidence, embrace individuality over conformity, and keep a positive mindset. I would say I am a subjective knower because I definitely make judgement based off feelings. I anticipate to graduate in spring of 2020. I don’t plan on furthering my education in college after that.

I place very high expectations on myself, which makes it hard to believe that I am busy. I approach everything with the mindset “I could be doing more”. I do not belong to any organizations. I work part-time at Walmart and I would not want to be working for any company but myself 10 years from now.

My media use is pretty bland. The last movie I watched was “Friday” which is a movie I watch a lot because it is humorous to me. I use Tidal and Google Play for my music. The most memorable books I have read were “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene and “Creative Intelligence” by Bruce Nussbaum. These books changed the way I look at life and any book that can have an effect on me is definitely “memorable”. My favorite magazine is made by a company called “Vice” because I love the social subjects they talk about.

I would rate my internet skills a “6” because I can definitely navigate my way around the web swiftly but I feel there is room for improvement. Elementary school is where I first used the internet back in the early 2000s. I surf the web with my smartphone nowadays. I use the popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr the most often. I use these sites mainly for motivation.

Most Definitely! My best personal strength would be my ability to communicate and understand other people. Ten years from now I will have my own company, I will be healthy, physically fit, and influencing people around the world to be who they dream.

If you were to give me $50 to spend on two weeks worth of groceries I would buy 1 bag of Brown Rice, a 10lb. bag of chicken breast, 2 hands of bananas, a tub of oatmeal, 5lbs of ground turkey, a jug of water, and egg whites.

The world will be a better place once we learn how to love one another.