Questioning The Media

I usually go to the movies when I want to watch a certain movie with a friend. While the movies is pretty expensive, I believe it is definitely worth the cost. It gives you the chance to get out the house when you have nothing to do. It also gives you a place to go and bond with friends. I love 3-d movies and there is no other place to get a realer experience, it beats watching a 3d movie at the house.


2 thoughts on “Questioning The Media”

  1. I agree! I love going to the movies and agree that it’s worth the cost. Watching a movie at home just doesn’t quite compare to seeing it in theaters with surround sound, a dark environment, and a huge screen.

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  2. I think 3-d movies need to be developed a bit more though before I agree with the extra costs. Like at least most of the movie could be 3-D and not a few scenes.


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