Questioning The Media

I do not agree with parents being able to get books removed from libraries or a reading list because they might find the ideas expressed objectionable.

Parents should spend more time raising their kids, instead of trying to raise their environment. It is my belief that if a parent raises their child with patience, faith, and understanding that the child will not wonder off to far from their upbringings. At least until they are older to make decisions for themselves.

While I don’t agree with parents having such power over someone’s work. I do believe their should be a fine line on what type of books that can be offered between elementary, middle, and high school. Books at an elementary school should be censored more than a book in a high school library.

These are my views. Please share your views below !


2 thoughts on “Questioning The Media”

  1. That’s exactly what I mean. Parents should definitely have a say in what their children are reading. After all, they’re just being protective.


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