Mj1: Generational Media Differences


Feb. 16, 2017

240 words.

Mass Communication In Modern Society

Jarod Lopez

Aspiring Writer

My mom, Sandra Lopez was born in Chicago, Illinois in the early 70’s. She is currently in school. This interview was conducted in person Tuesday, February 14, 2017 in her home.


My mom expressed her favorite type of media to be social media. She uses television and Facebook daily to stay informed about certain things. My mom’s favorite media memory comes from when she had just graduated high school and went downtown Chicago, Illinois to see Bell Biv DeVoe live. She told me the concert had featured legends such as New Edition, Keith Sweat, and Bobby Brown. When asked about a historic event she witnessed, almost immediately she responded “911”. My mom watched 911 live on television. My mom thinks life without media would be boring and hard to navigate. She went on to express how knowledge of the weather, world events, and communications would be almost impossible.


My mom enjoys television and Facebook, which I can’t stand either. We don’t go to the same places for media. She believes a lot of the things she sees on television and I don’t believe anything on television. Are values are definitely different due to media. My mother is a little more judgmental and set in her ways. While I on the other hand will listen to anything someone has to say without being to judgmental. The outcome of the interview was expected since I’ve known my mom for 22 years now.


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