Questioning The Media

I do not believe that all of societies problems should be placed on the media’s shoulder. The blame is 60/40 against the people because in todays time we have the internet which makes all information virtually accessible. George W. Bush once said  “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me-you can’t get fooled again”. Instead of being sheep followers, due diligence should be done and all information should be examined closely.

40% of the blame I believe can be put on the media because for a very long time people relied heavily on media for information which in a way made the people dependent on the media. Once other avenues of media became available people instinctively believed information from the media. If the media were to have given the stories with no bias’s or hidden agendas ,todays people wouldn’t of developed media dependency. It would of forced the individual to do his or her homework to make decisions instead of letting the media make it for them.


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